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103 Market Street, Lewisberry, PA

Don't settle for another boring meal

We are offering a number of amazing specials to feed you, your family, or a large group of people! Below are a few of the specials we offer, but be sure to call for a full list of specials and more details.

Get high quality food and service without the high prices. Call us today to place your next order!

Take advantage of our great specials for your next meal

Enjoy a relaxing meal dining in our restaurant, utilize our convenient take-out service, or have hot food delivered right to your door when you order a special from Allen's Eatery. Call us today!

Pizza with melted cheese and pepperoni

Lunch Specials (Monday - Friday 11AM - 3PM)

Pork BBQ sandwich and sole slaw

with fries and large drink


1/2 Sub, fries and large drink


Ham & cheese pretzel sandwich,

fries and large drink


2 slices with 1 topping plus large



Fish sandwich with fries

& 20oz fountain drink


Whole tuna sub

& 20oz fountain drink


Bowl of soup + 1 slice

+ 20oz fountain drink


Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Pretzel

Sandwich with fries  +

20oz fountain drink


2 Large  Cheese Pizzas


Sunday Specials  

Daily Specials  

Tuesday - 2 Large subs


Wednesday - 2 Ham  & Cheese pretzel sandwich


Thursday - $1.00 OFF large boli

Friday - 2 medium 1 toppings


Saturday - 2 large subs



Sunday - 2 large plain pizzas


Everyday - 2 medium 1 topping